Brand new, second hand

We’re often asked if we buy second hand bikes and our response has always been a firm but friendly no, usually followed with advice about where to sell depending on the bike and the customer. It always bugged us that there wasn’t more we could do to help, despite still not wanting to take a punt on a second hand bike that might sit in our shop for months. Then it dawned on us that we could use our skills and reputation to assist our customers to sell their bike through our eBay store! Eureka as they say.


We’ve just done our first second hand bike sale through our eBay store which resulted in our customer receiving a high price for his bike and comfort knowing that we’re vouching for the quality, condition and usability of the bike.

We took this particular bike and serviced the fork, shock, hubs, frame bearings and then gave the bike a full clean and general service, all of which gave it a solid sale price and helped buyers buy with confidence. Whilst this may seem excessive perhaps, it’s worth thinking about it from the position of a buyer.


When you buy from a private person on eBay you’ve only really got their feedback profile on which to base your judgement of their honesty. Anyone that uses eBay knows that even people with high feedback scores can be less than scrupulous when it comes down to making a few quid. We’ve removed that hassle for buyers by dealing with all of the issues that might be a worry, for example is the shock knackered, do the wheels spin properly or sound like a bag of spanners carrying smaller bags of hammers themselves?


We also offer a warranty on any work carried out and we are happy to pass that warranty on to the buyer, which, after speaking to the buyer of this bike, is a real selling point. We’re established, available six days a week and willing to stand behind our work. We also offer set up advice over the phone if people need it and we know that this all adds up to increased confidence to buy where it might not have existed before.

For this bike it really needed the shock and fork services, otherwise it would have been a case of vouching that they were working but felt in need of a service, which is still better coming from a suspension specialist like us but still means that the buyer is going to have to pay out for it at some point. That said, if we were to sell a bike with a well working fork and shock then we would be happy to say this and back it up with our suspension credentials which should offer peace of mind to any buyer.


Now obviously we don’t just do this because we’re really nice guys, no that’s only part of the reason. We do make money from this as you would expect. How though is where it can be a bit interesting. We can either offer a zero commission model, for example if there is a service carried out on the bike by us before the sale, OR we will take a variable commission after sale if no work is required beyond our listing and confirmation of condition. We can discuss commission percentages based on estimated sale price.

Bearing in mind that this customer had the bike for four years, paid £1,000 for it at the time and has ridden it plenty since then, we’re sure you’ll agree that the sale price of £950 is a result! We feel that it’s a win for both our in-shop customer and the buyer of the bike really.

If you’ve got a second hand bike that you think is worth a bit and you would like some help getting it ready for sale and the opportunity to sell it through our business then please get in touch. Even if you just want a bit of advice we will be happy to help.

Happy Trails!