Cane Creek Suspension Servicing

North East Cycleworks is proud to be the only Authorised Cane Creek service centre in the North East of England. We carry a wide range of Cane Creek suspension forks and shocks as well as a comprehensive range of spare parts so we can deal with all of your service and repair needs as well as providing the new fork or shock for your build.

We are trained by Cane Creek to service and repair your shock and fork to their Factory standards.

We also offer tuning on your fork or shock to get the perfect feel although with the supreme adjustability of Cane Creek suspension you will most likely find that the correct set up can be achieved using the adjusters and changing the spring rate.

North East Cycleworks can replace damaged stanchions on your Cane Creek Helm fork without having to replace the whole crown, steerer, upper. This could save you hundreds of pounds! Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We can deal with your Cane Creek fork or shock if it’s still within warranty without affecting the warranty.

We receive a lot of posted forks and shocks for service, if you would like to post your suspension unit to us please get in touch either using the contact form or by calling us on 0191 490 1416 so that we can discuss what you need and get you booked on our job management system.

Cane Creek Suspension Service Price List

Cane Creek Fork Service

Helm Coil fork service £90

Helm Air fork service £95

Cane Creek Shock Service

All services include upgraded seal heads where available for improved reliability and performance

Double Barrel Coil service £90

Double Barrel Air service £100

Inline Coil service £90

Inline Air service £100 (£180 including upgrade to IL extra vol air can and black shaft)

Please either call us at the service centre on 0191 490 1416 or fill out the contact form below if you wish to book a service for your Cane Creek fork or shock.

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