‘Do you guys service road bikes too?’

The phone rings …. …. …. a mechanic, dashingly handsome and hard at work, looks up from the bike that lays stripped on his bench, concentration momentarily broken by the call:

‘Hi, I was just looking at your website and was wondering if you guys service road bikes?’

We get asked this question fairly regularly here at North East Cycleworks HQ. We suppose it’s fair enough that people might not be sure, after all we do offer some very specialist servicing options that are only for mountain bikes and it’s these things that we tend to sing about the most as they’re a big part of what makes us different as a bike repair specialist.

However, despite the suspension servicing and suspension tuning that we offer, we do of course service all bikes, trikes, recumbents, scooters on occasion and sometimes even the odd unicycle. We love working on all bikes and pedal powered things whenever we can, pure and simple.

We also build wheels for road and mountain bikes and organise bespoke painting and frame repair services. So hopefully it’s clear that we definitely service road bikes. Just to demonstrate the point we thought it would be worth showing you lot a few cheeky snaps of one the supermodels of the road bike world, the Colnago C60. We recently had the pleasure of working on this beauty for one of our regulars.


We work on bikes of all shapes, sizes and values but it’s fair to say that this one is up there at the top end on the road bike spectrum. We’re trusted to take care of bikes of this quality because our customers trust us. Part of the reason for this trust is that we demonstrate our knowledge and confidence in our abilities by running an open workshop which means that you can watch us work, if you want. If you come to our workshop it’s immediately clear that we take the utmost care to ensure that when we work on any bike we use the right tools for the job and we always follow the recommended working practices and procedures for whatever we work on.


When you’re working on some of the lightest, most expensive and exotic parts it’s critical that you know what you’re doing. A crushed seat tube or bar is only a turn of the wrist away when you’re working at recommended torques of 4Nm or less. Hence why we always use torque wrenches when working on carbon or lightweight aluminium parts as a matter of course and we always use torque wrenches for any part that needs a torque setting. At the end of the day, even after professionalism, it’s a matter of safety; our customers ride and race their bikes and they need to be sure that they can trust the work we do, it’s not an exaggeration to say that their lives depend on it.


It all comes back to the reason why we do what we do. We want to give people that feeling they had when they first got on a bike that was working perfectly. Everything we do, we do to achieve that goal for our customers and that’s why we get to work on nice things like this.

If you’ve got a road bike, a racing recumbent or a really tall unicycle and you want somewhere to take it where you know it’ll be treated with care and professionalism, look no further.