Suspension fork stanchion replacement & de-creaking

For a long time when you scratched your fork stanchions that was it for your entire CSU (crown, steerer, upper) on the fork, which could’ve meant anything up to a £450 (+ labour) dent in your wallet for a replacement. OUCH is the word.

Cable rub on your Kashima? Fear not, we can sort that for you for less than you might think!

It’s no longer the case that if you scratch a stanchion you’ll have to replace anything more than the stanchion itself. Through our discussions with fork manufacturers, we’ve confirmed the correct way to remove and replace worn or damaged stanchions on suspension forks from Fox Suspension, Rockshox, Cane Creek and more. We use exactly the same methods that all fork manufacturers use to build their forks to carry out stanchion replacement on forks that have been damaged or scratched.

Check out that Kashima stanchion in the wild.

We have replaced hundreds of stanchions and steerer tubes on forks from Cane Creek, Fox Suspension and Rockshox with zero issues. In fact, we can also help with things like creaky forks. There were certain batches of Rockshox Pikes that had a terrible issue of creaking from the stanchion / crown interface. We can easily resolve that problem by stripping the fork apart and applying a little magic compound at the join site and building the fork back up again. It’s worked countless times and will get rid of that annoying creaking noise once and for all.

A set of 32’s with some chipping on both stanchions, waiting for surgery.

What surprises a lot of customers is that you can have your stanchions replaced for a very reasonable price. It starts from £50 per stanchion replacement depending on finish and the size of the fork. No matter what fork you have it will always be cheaper to replace your stanchion than to replace the whole CSU or the fork. We can replace stanchions as part of a full service of the fork and this can save you some more money too as we aren’t duplicating labour time for stripping the fork for service when it’s already stripped for stanchion replacement.

32’s with the new stanchions in place

Often you’re going to need to replace your fork bushings at the same time that you replace your stanchions. If you have damaged your stanchion through lack of maintenance and this has lead to stanchion wear then your bushings (the part inside the lowers that the stanchions slide against) will have aluminium embedded into them which will work double quick time in wearing your new stanchions if you leave the old bushings in place. This is only the case for worn stanchions, not for chipped stanchions or scratched stanchions.

One in the bush is worth two in the… nah that’s not it. Never mind…

It’s super important to make sure that your bushings are sized correctly when they’re replaced. This means that they need to be reamed to fit your stanchions properly otherwise you’re just going to end up in the same position again when you’ve been running your fork for a while. Your stanchions are going to be worn out again. We use the proper tooling to achieve the tolerances that are required to make sure that your suspension fork runs smoothly after a bushing replacement. It’s expensive but it’s the only way to be sure that you’ve achieved the fit you need.

Fork bushing reamer with the 32mm .001 reamer on

We can replace damaged Kashima stanchions with fresh, new or absolutely perfect used stanchions that will work as good as new in your fork and we can replace cut too short steerer tubes as well. We can also replace black Rockshox stanchions on Pikes, Lyriks, Yaris and more and we have replaced many Cane Creek Helm stanchions too where they have become worn or damaged in use.

If you have a damaged fork stanchion or a cut too short steerer tube that you would like replaced please just get in touch on 0191 490 1416 and we can discuss the options for you.