We offer a lots of performance upgrades here which we think offer a real improvement over the stock parts that some bikes are fitted with.  Shown below are a few of our most popular upgrades that customers go for when getting their bikes serviced and we offer many more so just ask and we can plan an upgrade schedule for your bikes together.

Groupset Upgrades


We offer excellent prices on groupset upgrades from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo.

Upgrading your groupset can offer some real advantages in shifting smoothness, braking power and modulation and also just improve the look of your ride.

We typically offer groupsets, fully installed and set up for at least 20% below RRP and often much more. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and budget and let us put a package together for you.

Shimano PTFE Sealed Cable Upgrade

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We offer a full shift cable upgrade by Shimano that includes full length outers that are sealed at the end to prevent the ingress of dirt and grime as well as cables that are coated with PTFE so that they have the least possible friction.  We recommend this upgrade to anyone that rides their bike in the wet or off-road because it will prolong your shifting accuracy and reduce your maintenance requirements significantly.  You will be amazed by the difference that these inner and outer cables will make to the feel of your shifts.

We offer these high performance upgrade kits for road bikes, cyclocross bikes and for mountain bikes.

We offer these kits, fully installed, for the excellent price of £50 which includes removal and disposal of your old cables and outers, the installation of your new cabling, full drivetrain clean, gear set up and indexing.

SKF Fork Seal upgrade


We are proud to stock SKF fork seals for all major for brands.

SKF made their name in the world of motocross, making high end fork seals that were designed to reduce friction whilst increasing keeping all of the delicate parts inside the fork clean and dirt free.  The effect of this is to prolong fork life, reduce stiction and reduce the amount of servicing that the fork will need.

For anyone that rides this is a cheap upgrade that will improve the feel of your fork straight away for less than the price of a new tire.

We can fit the new seals and refresh your oil at the same time for you all for £50 so call us today and bring your fork to life!

Hand built & upgraded wheelsets

Bike Servicing

We have an in-house DT Swiss qualified wheel builder that can lace you up a beautiful set of wheels to your exact requirements, whether you’re a road machine that smashes in mile after mile on our unforgiving roads or you get your fix from hucking in the woods, let us build you something unique and a bit special.

We use hubs from the likes of Royce, DT Swiss, Chris King and Hope to provide the most solid of bases to your wheelset. These hubs are then expertly laced into rims from Mavic, Velocity, Ambrosio, H+ Son and Easton, to name but a few, using the best spokes the industry has to offer.

We can configure every element to your tastes and riding style, including spoke count, spoke shape and butting profiles, nipple colours and materials, lacing patterns and much more.

If you have a hankering for an upgrade in the wheel department, and believe us, there really isn’t a better place to start when you’re looking for a really noticeable improvement and you’ve got a bit of cash to spend, but you’re looking for a branded set then we can still help, get in touch to find out what kind of prices we can offer, all backed with our legendary after sales support.

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